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How much does a Techlabs Course cost? What are the available payment plans?

As prices vary based on the course you choose, kindly contact us at +91 9967503901 or email us at info@swabhavtechlabs.com to know the details.


Core Courses

Core Java

Core .Net

Core Mean Stack

Enterprise Course

Enterprise Solutions Web Developer Courses

Enterprise Solutions Web Developer (Java)

Enterprise Solutions Web Developer (.Net)

Enterprise Solutions Web Developer (Mean Stack)

Need some guidance deciding which option is the best for you? You can say hello at info@swabhavtechlabs.com or call us at 022-67427879.

When would it be appropriate for me to join a Core Course?

Core courses are meant for college undergrads who are inclined towards programming and want to explore more. While anyone can opt for the course, these courses will help your explore and increase your skill set on a particular technology. You can choose these courses at any given point.

When would it be appropriate for me to join an Enterprise Solutions Course?

If youre are looking for a career in software, go for this course. Our Enterprise Solutions Courses gives an insight into the IT industry especially to the graduates who have completed their formal education or are on a verge of completing it. On completion of this course, students are given an opportunity to work at an MNC on the technology they have mastered in. Hence students who have recently graduated or are in the final year can join these set of courses.

How does the Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee work?

Enterprise Solutions students will have their tuition reimbursed if they do not find a job within 120 days after graduating, provided they meet the following criteria:

Must be eligible to work in the India and fluent in English

Must be willing to accept a salary decided by the Organization (Will be mentioned before joining the course)

Must complete each phase of the program in full with Mentor approval


Do I need to have previous experience in programming before enrolling?

No, prior coding experience interms is needed to enroll in Techlabs. However it is important that your logical and analytical skills are strong enough to learn the rest. While we've designed our coursework keeping beginners in mind, all the candidates should complete the suggested prep work offered before the course begins, which is provided after enrollment.

If you have some experience before starting your Techlabs apprenticeship, that's great! You might build more projects with greater complexity, but you won't run out of work to do. Because of the one-on-one attention you'll receive from your Mentor, your course can adapt to your specific interests and goals.

Is there any required prep work?

Yes, we do provide you with some prep work material prior to your start date. By completing the prep work, you will be setting yourself up for success during your Techlabs experience.

What is the time commitment?

We designed Techlabs to be a structured, immersive program that still fits into your life. Yes, we do require time commitment from your side.

Enterprise Solutions students need to constructively spend:

14 Week Program - 40 Hours / Week - 4 Weekly Mentor Appointments

Core course students may choose:

12 Week Course - 40 Hours / Week - 3 Weekly Mentor Appointments

We understand learning to become a designer or developer is a huge commitment, and we'll be there to support you the entire way through.

What is the selection process at Techlabs?

We have a process of accepting our students at Techlabs. It starts with an Aptitude Test followed by 2 rounds of Technical Interview. Upon the final selection, your enrollment process begins. You can find out more on our Selection Process Home Page.

What happens after I enroll?

After you enroll and select your start date, you'll go through an onboarding process that gives Techlabs a chance to learn more about your goals. A week prior to your start date you'll have an orientation call with your Program Coordinator to answer any questions you might have and you'll be able to select your Mentor.

On your start date, your entire curriculum will unlock and you'll be able to get started. You should review the first two checkpoints before your first mentor appointment. During your first mentor appointment, you'll discuss your goals and set expectations.

What if I fall sick or can't keep up?

This is a big commitment, and we expect you to put in the necessary hours. That said, we know that life happens. When it does, reach out to your Program Coordinator as soon as you can so we can figure out the best course of action, and make sure you still get the most out of your time with Techlabs.

In the case of extreme circumstances, you can freeze your apprenticeship temporarily. You should let your Program Coordinator know immediately if you need this option. We’ll save your progress, and when you are ready you can pick-up where you left off.

Do I get access to the Techlabs curriculum after I graduate?

Techlabs graduates get lifetime access to our coursework, including all updates and improvements so you can stay sharp with a world-class curriculum as your reference.


How exactly do mentor appointments work?

Every day, you'll receive a checkpoint in terms of your assigment from your mentor. You'll review the checkpoint instructions or user stories independently from your Mentor, and attempt to tackle the assignments on your own. During your next Mentor appointment, you will typically go over any questions you had, dive deeper into subjects you are interested in, or just get clarification on any of the topics you struggled with. It's up to you what you and your Mentor discuss, but keep in mind that our best in class Mentors will push you in ways that a typical online curriculum can't. In addition to covering the standard course work, many students spend some of their mentor sessions getting more context around developer best practices, discussing entrepreneurship, and seeking career advice.


What is the Career Support Program at Techlabs?

The Techlabs Career Support Program is a holistic collection of curriculum and services reserved for Enterprise Solutions Web Developer Students designed to prepare them with technical competence to guide them in becoming job ready . Software Engineering Track students are guaranteed to find a job as a software engineer at one of Techlab's partnered companies based on their performance and their skills.

The Career Support Curriculum covers:

  1. Job Preparation

    Track roadmaps include dedicated material to review with an experienced mentor in preparation for the recruiting process to become a developer. Students create polished portfolios of 6-10 projects that demonstrate job-ready coding skills to prospective employers. Mentors carefully review resumes and cover letters for their students, lead mock phone screens, and conduct practice interviews so students can handle real technical interviews with confidence.

  2. Recruiting Readiness

    Techlabs students receive dedicated support prior to and throughout their course. We will help students define criteria to guide them for a job and implement a process and cadence for managing the search.

  3. Employer Network

    While Techlabs does maintain an Employer Network to supplement your search, we heavily emphasize the skills and process you’ll need to conduct a successful job search independently. Techlabs introduces Enterprise Solutions students who graduate and complete the required coursework, projects, and Career Support material to some of the growing collection of companies in our Employer Network. Techlabs will identify opportunities within the network that match the skills, interests, and geographic preferences of each Track graduate. Our Employer Network is constantly growing, and our alumni have earned jobs with companies such as AurionPro, Miles Software Solutions, Xorient, Nexsales, and B2X solutions . Techlabs graduates also build and leverage their own network at companies like Infosys, Mastek, KPIT and Syntel.

Interested in learning more about what our students are doing? Check out our student reviews page to read their stories.

Does Techlabs take a percentage of my income when I get a job?

No, we don't take any of your income. And we don't take any placement fees when you get a job through one of our introductions.