AI, Big Data, Cloud

60 Hours
Expert Instructors
Mumbai or Live online

Course Description Recommended for Professionals

Machine Learning and Big Data are the blue-chips of the current IT Industry. The big data stores analyzes and extracts information out of bulk data sets. On the other hand, Machine learning is the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed

This course will introduce you to Cloud's big data and machine learning functions. You'll begin with a quick overview of Cloud and then dive deeper into its data processing capabilities.

Concepts Covered: Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, IBM Watson & Cognitive Computing, Supervised ML—Classification, Linear regression, Seaborn and Matplotlib Unsupervised ML—Clustering, Scikit-learn, CNN, RNN,MongoDB, NoSQL

Prerequisites: To be best prepared to succeed in this program, students should have experience with:
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS)
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Linux Command Line Basics
  • Have 1-2 years of experience in developing apps
  • Tejal Carvalho
    Technology Mentor

    Tejal is a brilliant educator, with a keen interest in computer science and teaching. She has been an assistant professor with 5+ years of experience at one of the reputed engineering colleges of mumbai, St Francis Institute of Technology, in JAVA, C, python programming.

    How You'll Learn

    Hands-on coding experience

    You don’t get better at swimming by watching others. Coding is no different. Practice as you learn with the mentor during a live session

    Progress you can show

    Built in assessments let you test your skills. Completion certificates let you show them off.

    Videos + live discussions

    Having videos to watch alone can hold you back in online classes. Learn with the help of our knowledgeable mentors to guide your learning and focus on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

    Focus on thinking critically

  • Start with simple questions and stories that build your foundation and intuition.
  • Ramp up to solving problems that seemed beyond your ability.
  • Study different ways of solving the problems that are out of your grasp.
  • Course Fees Sessions Start Date
    Fullstack Java
    ₹20,000 72 1st May 2021
    Java Foundations
    ₹15,000 20 1st May 2021
    OOAD, Solid & Design Patterns
    ₹10,000 16 1st May 2021
    Clean Code & Refactoring
    ₹10,000 12 1st May 2021

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