Transformative Design Driven Learning

Course Description

Join our new Android Development Immersive program, and train in the coding, design, and iteration skills essential to starting a career in the sought-after field.In this program, you’ll learn everything you need to create Android apps from scratch: programming, material design, connecting to third-party services, and iterative design during development sprints — all adapted for the platform.

Why Choose this Course?

  • Self Paced, Mentor-led course
  • Learning by building a portfolio of Projects
  • Group Session
  • Course Certificate
  • Career Opportunities
Core Android
  • The use of Android development tools like Eclipse, Android Studio ,and the Android SDK to build your very own apps
  • Learn and use different Layouts and Widgets
  • Make use of Audio, Video, Services and Notifications to enhance user experience
  • Learn to create wireframes for your app and translate it into a high quality code

Before You Start

  • Orientation with Techlabs
  • 20 hours of pre-course study is required for each phase of your track. Pre-course study should be completed during your orientation week, and a week before you begin the second phase of your track. Course materials will be provided after the orientation to help you with the pre-course study.

Brush up your JAVA

Concepts Covered:
  • Revisit Java Framework, understand its fundamentals
  • Work your way through Object oriented principles and Types of Handling
  • Quick intro to Collections Framework and JDBC
  • Execute multi-threading programming
  • Understand Object Oriented Analysis and Design Fundamentals
  • Understand Architecture, Application Components, Resources, Activities and Services

All about Android

Concepts Covered:
  • Deep dive into Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers and Fragements
  • Use Intents/Filters and UI Layouts to enhance your User experience
  • Learn how to fetch data from web's API
  • Learn more about UI controls
  • Understand Event Handling
  • Add Styles and Themes
  • Understand how to store data

Our Mentors are experienced professionals with years of industry experience. Your mentor aka your master shifu will be with you throughout your journey here so that:
- You understand core concepts and principles
- You are held accountable for all that you learn and are on track
- Make sure your projects and assignments and reviewed

  • Build a Portfolio of Applications
  • As you progress through the course with a mentor, you'll build a portoflio of real-time projects, each more complex than the previous one, each enhancing your coding skills

    You will complete at least 3 complete projects during the Project Phase. Projects are designed to challenge you and test your concept understanding while providing guidance to keep you on track. A project is completed when all its requirements are implemented and approved by your mentor.

    Media Player

    Designing and Developing a Media Player that provides features of forwarding, backwarding , playing and pausing music.

    Students building the above applications throughout the course creates the foundation for going out and building more complex, functional and visually appealing apps solving a purpose


    • Certification of Techlabs will be provided upon completion of the course and consent of the mentors

    Techlabs provides a holistic collection of curriculum and placement opportunities reserved for the students of Enterprise Solutions Web Developer courses. Get placed at an MNC from day 1 upon your selection for a course.

    Job Prep

    Techlabs (ESWD) courses include dedicated material to review with an experienced mentor in preparation for the recruiting process to become a developer. Students create polished portfolios of 6-10 (big and small) projects that demonstrate job-ready coding skills to prospective employers.

    Employer Network

    While Techlabs maintains an Employer Network to supplement your search, it also heavily emphasizes on the skills and processes you need to conduct a successful job search independently. Techlabs has launched the ESWD course for students who have graduated or are about to graduate and help send their required coursework, projects, and Job Prep material to some of the growing collection of companies in the Techlabs Employer Network after making sure their job requirements match the skills, interests and geographic preferences of each of the graduates.

    Engineering (B.E IT/Comp) students committed to becoming software developers - Diploma/Degree holders.

    Passion for Coding:

    You've demonstrated your passion by beginning to learn on your own. You have the determination to become a developer whether you get into Techlabs or not


    We look for students who are considerate, understanding, helpful and generally pleasant to be around.