AWS Foundations

10 Hours
Expert Instructors
Mumbai or Live online

Course Description Recommended for Professionals

This specialization gives current or aspiring IT professionals an overview of the features, benefits, and capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). As you proceed through the course, you will gain a more vivid understanding of core AWS services, key AWS security concepts, strategies for migrating from on-premises to AWS, and basics of building serverless applications with AWS. Additionally, you will have opportunities to practice what you have learned by completing labs and exercises developed by AWS technical instructors

Concepts Covered: Foundational Concepts, Identity and Access Management, Networking, Compute Services, Storage, Data Stores, Reliability, Security, Deployments, Monitoring and Logging, Analytics.

Prerequisites: To be best prepared to succeed in this program, students should have experience with:
  • Object-Oriented Programming preferably in Python
  • Linux Command Line Basics
  • Have 1-2 years of experience in developing apps
  • profile
    Santosh Gopane

    Santosh is a python developer and a Data scientist, pursuing Masters in Artificial Intelligence.

    He believes that laughter is both the best medicine and best tool in learning. He uses his energetic personality to engage students in the classroom. Having been through the program himself, he likes to break down the concepts and explain them in simple ways. Santosh’s understanding demeanor and positive attitude make people feel like they have a friend as their mentor as they take on every challenge.

    How You'll Learn

    Hands-on coding experience

    You don’t get better at swimming by watching others. Coding is no different. Practice as you learn with the mentor during a live session

    Progress you can show

    Built in assessments let you test your skills. Completion certificates let you show them off.

    Videos + live discussions

    Having videos to watch alone can hold you back in online classes. Learn with the help of our knowledgeable mentors to guide your learning and focus on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

    Focus on thinking critically

  • Start with simple questions and stories that build your foundation and intuition.
  • Ramp up to solving problems that seemed beyond your ability.
  • Study different ways of solving the problems that are out of your grasp.
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    Mon, 19 July Fri, 30 July ₹10,620 ₹5,310 Mon to Fri 5

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