June 23, 2023

Mithril Journey: TSM for Data-driven Insights that Empower Recruitment

In the fast-paced world of tech talent solutions, staying ahead requires effective management of talent sourcing and training processes.

This blog explores the TSM (Talent Sourcing and Mentoring) Journey, specifically focusing on the Client Login aspect. With TSM, clients gain access to a comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of services, key metrics, and detailed insights to streamline their recruitment efforts.

Let’s embark on a journey through the TSM Client Login experience.

Dashboard Overview:

The TSM Client Login dashboard offers a holistic view of the services being utilized, including Training and Sourcing. It presents essential metrics that enable clients to track progress and make informed decisions.

Within the Sourcing section, clients can monitor the number of interviews conducted, rejections, offers released, and positions closed. Similarly, in the Training section, clients can assess the performance and progress of each talent and compare different batches.

Training Insights:

Within the Training section, clients can dive deeper into the details:

Session Plan: Explore the planned topics and technologies for each batch, providing a roadmap of the training program.

Mentor Feedback: Gain insights into mentor feedback specific to topics covered and individual student performance.

Student Ratings: Evaluate students’ performance, assignment completion, and punctuality, providing a comprehensive view of their progress.

Evaluation Comparison: Compare pre and post-evaluation scores to assess the talent’s growth and development.

Top Performers: Identify top performers within the batch and evaluate performance based on predefined categories such as Outstanding, Good, Average, and Below Average.

Batch Information: Obtain an overview of ongoing and completed batches, including start and end dates, total sessions, and hours completed.

Sourcing Insights:

Within the Sourcing section, clients can gain valuable insights:

Requirement Overview: Get a breakdown of open requirements, including the number of positions within each requirement.

Turnaround Time (TAT): Monitor the TAT from resume sourcing to date of joining, categorized by overall organization, technology-wise requirements, and department-wise requirements.

Talent Details: Access detailed information about individual talents sourced for specific requirements, including personal and professional details. Evaluate their performance in interviews, with feedback and scores provided.

Interview Assessment: Assess the number of interviews conducted and evaluate the talent’s performance in each interview.

Talent Pool:

Interview Process

The Talent Pool section is divided into three sub-sections:

My Talent: Explore talents who have joined the client’s opened requirement. Detailed profiles showcase their education qualifications, tech stack, and experience range. Dive deeper to review assignments completed and performance in training and interviews.

Swabhav’s Talent Pool: Gain an overview of talents available in Swabhav’s Talent Pool, focusing on work experience, education, and tech stack. Identity and contact details remain confidential, but clients can request access and filter talents based on specific criteria.

Talent Requests: Manage talents requested from Swabhav’s Talent Pool and connect with them for potential opportunities.


The TSM Journey — Client Login empowers clients with a data-driven approach to recruitment. The dashboard provides comprehensive insights, enabling clients to strategize their approach, fill skill gaps, and monitor the entire recruitment process with minimal human intervention.

TSM’s automation and real-time data ensure an enhanced experience for all stakeholders, including clients, alumni, students, mentors, developers, and HR.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs to discover more about the TSM platform and its transformative capabilities in the recruitment industry.

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