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Our Training and Placement Programme

What will you learn in 6 months

Language Fundamentals
Front End Web Development
Backend End Web Development
Language Fundamentals
Front End Web Development
Backend End Web Development
Language Fundamentals
Front End Web Development
Backend End Web Development

Build Your Own Network With Swabhav

Come build & grow your own network with Swabhav Techlabs

Swabhav Techlabs has 1,000+ alumni working at bigwigs like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and many more tech giants, and a strong network of industry mentors & domain experts as CTO and CEO of top companies

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What make them love us?

Its worth it

A word of advice to older prospective students like myself. You may be frustrated where you are right now, but afraid to make the leap, to quit your job, to spend your savings on a bootcamp, to take three months to learn, to work 80 hours a week. I promise it’s worth it.

Deval Vora
/ Software Developer, Amazon
Java Angular Node JS

Professional team of specialists and passionate mentors at reach

Loved the data science upskilling program offered by swabhav techlabs. It includes lots of handson excercise and assignment which helps to grasp and apply concepts 😊. Thanks to Kanan sir and swabhav techlabs for creating such a wonderful upskilling program

Jainil Gada
/ Software Developer, Morgan Stanley
Java Angular Node JS

Highly recommend their courses and teaching system

I got enough confidence to pick up any programming languages as per project requirements, even I have taught to students. Also I was able to do couple of AR/VR projects during my masters at IDC IIT Bombay only because of the languages learned at Swabhav Techlabs. Thanks to Kanan sir and Swabhav Techlabs team for their efforts.

Sumit Chavan
/ Animator/Developer, Studio Eeksauras
C# VR Animation

Best in class industrial training

They offer the best in class industrial training any fresher or even a professional may require to learn a new technology. You wouldn't need anything more to excel in your software engineering once you have completed their course. I am glad that swabhav was there provide me the impetus to my career when I required it.

Bhushan Sarafdar
/ Senior Software Developer, GEP
C# Angular MVC

How Can You Apply For The Program


  • Register for the Admission test by clicking on the Apply button
  • Fill out the complete application form with your personal details
  • Submit the application form to enrol for the admission test

Online Test

  • Admission test link will be provided upon successful registration and will be valid for 7 days from date of registration
  • The test will consist of Basics of programming questions and will take typically less than 40 minutes to complete
  • Admission test is a screening process to move to the interview round
  • Once the test is started, student has to complete the test in one go itself and only 1 submission is allowed per student for a particular batch.


  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the interview round
  • It will be a 1-1 interview to screen your application for admission


  • Final candidates will be given admission offer into the program
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Swabhav's Training and Placement Programme is one of a kind Career Program designed to enhance your Technical skills. It takes you from being a Beginner to Job-ready in 9 months, and send you off on a path of a better job and higher earnings. Note this is open for Final Year Students and Graduates

    We expect you to have good aptitude skills which show your problem-solving ability. We also test your basic programming skills to understand the level of Coding experience you have and create your learning path accordingly. Regardless of being a student or recent graduate or a working professional, you can manage your time and learn as per your schedule. The course requires you to commit a minimum of 8 hours per week.

    The Duration of the course is 24 weeks. The period includes helping you learn everything related to the technology stack of the company.

    We are looking for problem solvers for this programme because the programme will help you become great in terms of your knowledge in data structures and algorithms, design principles and refactoring code, front end web development and back end web development .. and in life :) The question is .. how will the situation not change after the programme?

    Swabhav doesnt select candidates without an opening from its partner companies.We have always kept their promises and is a trusted brand in the Education Industry with an experience of upskilling 1,000+ Engineering Students.

    Industry Mentors are the experts from reputed companies who have proven competencies in certain fields and are the best guides to help you choose your next steps in the Industry.

    We are currently offering Full Stack Web Development course, which will help you become a Full Stack Developer in the Industry.

    Swabhav works with niche partner companies like Aurionpro, Cyberinc, B2X, Miles Software etc and bigger companies including Morgan Stanley, Amazon who believe good talent = good problem solving skills.

    We have a team of 6 Expert Instructors, 50 Industry Mentors, and more than 100+ Teaching Assistants to help resolve the problems online on almost a real-time basis.

    No, if you do end up getting selected, the company will invest in you i.e the company pays on your behalf. However we do take a security money of INR 40,000 before the training, which, upon completion will be returned to you.

    We don’t feel that degree can be a substitute for your determination and passion to Code. However, we do expect you to have strong aptitude skills and basic Coding fundamentals. In any case, you can apply for the Screening Test

    Yes. If you are applying for a certain company through us and the company has selected you, we expect you to not back out of it.

    Yes. Since the company will be investing in you for the programme, they will expect you to be with them for atleast 2 years.

    If you are a part of this programme, it is a mandate that you work with the company we have selected you for. However, if you are in our courses without the placement opportunity, we would be considerably happy if you find a job through other sources.

    We'll be allocating a student coordinator for each placement programme batch who will be letting you know the batch timings and the duration.

    Swabhav's students get offered salary packages between Rs. 3 lakh per annum to Rs. 5 lakh per annum.

    Yes you can! Our course is flexible and designed such that students and professionals alike can pursue it as per their schedule. Commitment is required according to the type of batch you choose when applying. We require a weekly commitment of 15-20 hours.

    After you register for the test, prepare for it by solving a few aptitude problems and brush up on basic coding questions. You can also practice for the test by clicking on Practice Test link. Online Test Test will involve questions related to Aptitude and basic coding to check your aptitude level and coding knowledge. Test link will be valid for a limited time only. Based on the test results, we will get in touch again for the interview.

    Interview Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the interview round. It will be a 1-1 interview to screen your application for admission

    Admission Final candidates will be given admission offer into the program