Golang - Fullstack

60 Hours
Expert Instructors
Mumbai or Live online

Course Description

Go (or Golang) is an open source programming language designed to build fast, reliable, and efficient software at scale.

Google uses Go specifically for its large networks of servers, and Go also powers much of Google’s own cloud platform. Developers use Go in application development, web development, in operations and infrastructure teams, and much more. It is the language of Cloud Native infrastructure and software development. As Go’s popularity and adoption continue to increase, we’ll see even greater usage and more creative implementations of the language!

The setup of a Go environment and how to create a Go file.

Concepts Covered: data types and variables, conditional statements, using functions, pointers, packages, data structures & Structs, error & file handling, unit test & concurrency

Prerequisites: No prior Golang experience is required, but you should be familiar with basic programming concepts like variables, loops, conditionals, arrays and methods. You should be comfortable running applications on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Program Offerings Enrollment includes
Real-world projects
Project reviews
Project feedback from experienced reviewers
Technical mentor support
Student community
Career Guidance
Resume Support
Kannan Sudhakaran
Technology Mentor

A Microsoft & Oracle Certified Developer, Kannan brings in 8+ years of teaching in the IT industry.He continues his passion for mentoring students in varied technologies including Cloud, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. When not teaching, he is seen learning & venturing into data analysis & modeling using python, go & spark

How You'll Learn

Hands-on coding experience

You don’t get better at swimming by watching others. Coding is no different. Practice as you learn with the mentor during a live session

Progress you can show

Built in assessments let you test your skills. Completion certificates let you show them off.

Videos + live discussions

Having videos to watch alone can hold you back in online classes. Learn with the help of our knowledgeable mentors to guide your learning and focus on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Focus on thinking critically

  • Start with simple questions and stories that build your foundation and intuition.
  • Ramp up to solving problems that seemed beyond your ability.
  • Study different ways of solving the problems that are out of your grasp.
  • Learner Career Outcomes

    started a new career after completing these courses
    got a pay increase or promotion
    • author

      Ayushman Singh Gehlot, IIIT Nagpur

      I really liked the mentorship of niranjan sir. He is really an expert in his domain. Although the internship was remote still he made it very effective through his knowledge and video lectures. Sir also guided me in writing clean, structured and optimized code.
    • author

      Devesh Waghmare, SRM University

      It was a great experience. Always had my doubts cleared because Sir was always responsive. Tutorials helped a lot. Even though the internship was remote, the responsiveness and daily tasks made sure learning a new language and new concepts was a smooth experience.
    • author

      Eeshan Mundhe, KJ Somaiya College of Engineering

      I liked the teaching method of sending video tutorials, as we were new to golang and the Internship was remote, it made understanding the concepts easier and saved time.
    • author

      Ameya Rahurkar, KJ Somaiya Collge of Engineering

      I had great time learning Golang in such quick pace but in no way the pace affected the quality of teaching which was awesome throughout be it through videos or through personal chats. This internship really helped me improvise my coding skills and logical thinking.
    • author

      Deepak Suthar, IIT Delhi

      One of the best teams, completely devoted towards student's learning. With great support and great learning , they have helped me in my coding career
    • author

      Tusshar Laddha, Atharva College of Engineering

      It was a nice experience of doing Remote internship, daily goals made the internship smooth, sir helped a lot by making it a habit of writing clean code.
    • author

      Hrishikesh Nikam, Ramrao Adhik Insitute of Technology

      Swabhav Techlabs has been extremely helpful in my journey as a developer. Now that i have completed my internship I feel more confident about my skill as a GO-lang Developer. I would like to thank the Swabhav Techlabs for a wonderful experience!
    Course Fees Sessions Start Date
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