Life At Swabhav Techlabs

Transformative Design Driven Learning

The SWABHAV TECHLABS courses are divided into five phases, including a remote preparatory program, an onsite immersive experience and career support.

The Preparatory Experience

  • Our 16 week program is called Phase 0, and is the first step in your journey to becoming a enterprise developer. Students get a feel for the Swabhav Techlabs experience before starting of the batch.
  • Phase 0 takes between 15 and 25 hours per week, so students can learn the fundamentals while working within their schedule.
  • The coverage introduces the basic technologies you will use in the immersive program such as: Basic Java, OOAD, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • It also focuses on teaching meta-skills such as problem-solving approaches and giving and receiving feedback.
  • Phase 0 is an accelerated experience and will be challenging. It includes weekly challenges and pairing sessions with staff, so it is vital students have reliable access to the internet throughout the duration and are open and willing to pair with others in their cohort.

The Immersion Experience

The 16 weeks or more spent on-campus at Swabhav Techlabs is a completely immersive experience. Most students commit 60 to 80 hours per week to complete their assigned work, lectures and side projects.

Daily Schedule

Students are required to be on campus during core program hours, which are 2 working days a week and week-end, but students also work into the evenings and on weekends. Although it will vary cohort to cohort and week to week, an approximate breakdown of the work during core hours is 65% programming, 25% group projects, and 10% individual work.

Later in the program, challenges become multi-day projects, mirroring the flow of software development teams. A four-day project might include a day of white boarding, design and research, two days writing code and tests, a day deploying, fixing bugs and tuning servers, and a demo of their work afterwards. Lectures become less common, while teachers engage with students as they solve project-specific problems.

Final Project

The last eight days of Phase 3 (working through a weekend) are dedicated to the final project.

Students pitch ideas, join teams, gather requirements and attempt to solve inherently hard problems - with the goal of gaining hands on experience building a useful and potentially marketable web application. The exercise seeks to replicate the flow and struggle of real development work while applying all the skills learning over the previous weeks.

Over the eight days, students will run into many of the pain points you'd see at a first job: incomplete requirements, flaky third party services, incomplete testing, group conflicts, communication breakdowns and a host of common stumbling blocks.

With the advice of veteran developers as instructors, students will work through these barriers to find a solution, make tough choices under deadline pressure, and in the end create beautiful and meaningful things.

This project is then presented to potential employers and the rest of the school on the last day of Phase 3.