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With their portfolio of projects and insights gained from their mentors, take a look at our students as they go on to establish their new careers.

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We love mentoring enthusiastic individuals with personal initiative, willingness to learn + the love for coding!

It is preferable to have grads/undergrads having a background in Computer Science or Information Technology. However if you're an exceptional problem solver with all the listed pre-requisites, Welcome Aboard!! :D

Company Profile Career Openings Average Package (Per Annum) Technology Role Location Apply Now
4 INR 5 Lacs and above Mean Stack,PHP Employee (Software Developer) Mumbai Apply
3 INR 3.4 Lacs and above .Net,MVC,C# Employee (Software Developer) Mumbai Apply
4 INR 2.60 - 3.00 Lacs and above Java,Hibernate,Struts Employee (Software Developer) Mumbai Apply
3 INR 2.60 - 3.00 Lacs and above .Net,MVC,C# Employee (Software Developer) Mumbai Apply
4 INR 2.6 - 3.5 Lacs Java,Hibernate,Struts Employee (Software Developer) Mumbai/Pune Apply

What is a junior developer?

We prepare students to be a junior developer. Developers are also called Web developers, software developers, application developers or software engineers, depending on the company and exact role. This job varies from company to company, but we define it as someone who is just beginning their developer career and is eager to learn, contribute, and grow. We encourage our junior developers to seek mentorship, whether through work or the development community.

Most junior software developer jobs are incredibly hands on, as it's an industry fraught with need. You can expect to continue learning and growing every day. Some of this will be on the job and some will be after hours on your own. Some students will continue on to code in Ruby, while others will learn a completely new language such as Python.

Everything from the size of the company, to the type of organizational structure, to your specific boss or mentor can affect what your day to day life is like at the workplace. We've had a handful of cases where students were not satisfied in the job they ended up in, or their startup didn't make it. When that's been the case, we've worked with those students to find something new and more suitable.

Who hires graduates?

The companies who were first open to hiring Swabhav Techlabs as junior developers were startups because they were already risk-prone. With more and more success stories emerging about Swabhav Techlabs graduates excelling in their careers, mid-size to larger companies have opened their recruiting up to our junior developers.

That said, companies that hire junior developers typically have the capacity to mentor the junior developers as they grow in their careers. Today, our graduates work in a range of companies including Infosys, Mastek, KPIT and Syntel. Most can be grouped into product companies which create software for their customers and consultancies which create software for clients.


Salary amounts of our graduates vary depending on where they work.

Sometimes our students will go into apprenticeship positions which have lower salaries. These programs often come with the benefit of a very structured, intentional learning program and mentorship. While the lower salary may seem like a step down, apprenticeship positions are frequently very desirable to graduates, who realize that focusing on learning early on will result in long-term benefits. Most students see this as a very beneficial trade as they make the transition from “paying to learn” to “paid to learn”.

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