Security Architecture

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Course Description

The Security Architecture Fundamentals course is unique because it doesn't focus on technology alone. It also teaches you how to integrate your organization's business objectives into your overall security plan. Great Enterprise Security Architecture protects organizations without limiting business performance — and that's what this course will help you achieve.

This course is ideal for security and risk management professionals, architects, IT and network practitioners, and executives wishing to gain a greater understanding of building a business-driven security program.

Why Choose this Course?

  • Job opportunity in a leading MNC
  • 3 Months of Mentorship
  • 6 Projects Covered
Security Architecture
  • Understand what architectural frameworks and standards exist.
  • Understand how Security Architecture integrates with current business and IT standards and practices.
  • Understand how Security Architecture methods assure business value and create new opportunities.
  • Learn the fundamentals of risk management for enterprise & systems assurance.
  • Learn how to assess and model critical business relationships and trust relationships.
  • Learn how to create effective Security Program Governance.
  • Learn techniques used to define security services and solution architectures.
  • Understand how an Security Architecture can assure long term enterprise success and resiliency.

Before You Start

  • Orientation with Techlabs
  • 20 hours of pre-course study is required for each phase of your track. Pre-course study should be completed during your orientation week, and a week before you begin the second phase of your track. Course materials will be provided after the orientation to help you with the pre-course study.

Security Architecture

Concepts Covered:
  • Module 1 – Security Architecture and Best Practices
  • Module 2 – Security Architecture & Architectural Life-cycles
  • Module 3 – Taking a Business Driven Approach
  • Module 4 – Introduction to Risk Modelling for Architecture
  • Module 5 – Assessing Business Relationships and Modelling Trust
  • Module 6 – Defining Effective Security Program Governance
  • Module 7 – Developing an Enterprise Security Roadmap
  • Module 8 – Defining Security Services Architecture
  • Module 9 – Traceable and Justified Designs
  • Module 10 – Bringing it all together

Our Security Architecture mentors are expert in their skillset including with design and implementation of Security Architecture for the support of mission-critical business applications.

Most importantly, Enterprise Security Architecture and Design Online course shows you to implement the myriad of security technologies available on the market today in an effective and cost efficient manner.

They are the industry experts with more than 10 years of experience and are happy to share their knowledge that would help students transform into competent professionals.

You will complete at least 4 complete projects during the Project Phase. Projects are designed to challenge you and test your concept understanding while providing guidance to keep you on track. A project is completed when all its requirements are implemented and approved by your mentor.

Organization-hierarchy provider

  • Build a application that deletes items automatically after a given amount of time
  • Learn how to code and schedule automated tasks with Rake
  • Implement robust authentication and authorization for different types of users

Tic Tac Toe

  • Build an application to allow users to create, collaborate, and share wikis
  • Integrate Stripe to charge users for premium accounts with additional features
  • Caching

College app

  • Build an analytics service for tracking application users and their

Customer Banking Management System

  • Build an application to allow users to share their favorite links
  • Learn how to send and receive email automatically
  • Caching


  • Certification of Techlabs will be provided upon completion of the course and consent of the mentors

Techlabs provides a holistic collection of curriculum and placement opportunities reserved for the students of Solutions Architecture courses. Get placed at an MNC from day 1 upon your selection for a course.

Job Prep

Techlabs' courses include dedicated material to review with an experienced mentor in preparation for the recruiting process to become a Solutions Architecture. Students create polished portfolios of 6-10 projects that demonstrate job-ready skills to prospective employers.

Employer Network

While Techlabs maintains an Employer Network to supplement your search, it also heavily emphasizes on the skills and processes you need to conduct a successful job search independently. Techlabs has launched the ESWD course for students who have graduated or are about to graduate and help send their required coursework, projects, and Job Prep material to some of the growing collection of companies in the Techlabs Employer Network after making sure their job requirements match the skills, interests and geographic preferences of each of the graduates.

Engineering (B.E IT/Comp) students committed to becoming Security Architecture - Degree holders.