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Our Selection Process: Overview

If you want to attend SWABHAV TECHLABS - ENTERPRISE COURSES, and you have the drive and motivation to get through it, then you can do it. Most of our students have no professional or educational programming experience.

Many applicants are worried that they don't have enough experience for SWABHAV TECHLABS - ENTERPRISE COURSES, or that they don't fit the profile of the stereotypical developer. Don't let these fears deter you from applying.

Are we selective? Yes. Does this decrease your chance of being admitted? No. You determine whether you'll be accepted to SWABHAV TECHLABS by conveying your level of commitment, internal motivations, and ability to think and communicate in your interview.

The Admissions Process

Our admissions process aims to be as simple as possible while making steps to ensure that incoming students will be a good fit at Swabhav Techlabs.

You can start an application at the apply Button at the top of this page.

Below is a guide to navigating our admissions process:

  • Submit your application ASAP. It's the first step and a task you can easily accomplish in 5 minutes.
  • Schedule your interview.
  • We recommend giving yourself at least a few days for preparation. Most applicants want to wait until they feel 110% prepared for the interview before they book it. This feeling will never come, so they end up procrastinating for weeks before putting a time on the books to meet with our admissions team. Give yourself a hard deadline to learn the required material, review it 2-3 times and take the leap.

Ask yourself tough questions.

  • Are you ready for an 80+ hour a week immersive?
  • We do everything we can to prepare you for the 16 week to ensure you're up to speed and ready for the material covered in our curriculum.
  • If you have a compelling reason why this is the best choice for you right now, it will help get you through our admissions process and motivate you to complete the program.