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6,00,000 Students pursue Masters outside India each year and this number is ever increasing! With so much competition, how do you make sure you're different enough to be selected by the university of your choice?

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I joined Techlabs with an aim to learn java to help me with my final year project. Not only was it helpful in getting the highest score for the project, it also helped me build my resume and get into the university of my choice. The concepts I learnt, I know realize are extremely essential for my masters. They have given me a great head start in understanding other subjects
Manan Shah / NJIT'18
I started my course at Techlabs just before applying for colleges and I am extremely glad I did then. Those 3 months helped me strengthen my coding skills that inturn : Got me into USC & Helped me land internship at Yahoo in summer I realized my knowledge being a little over the edge than others helped me immensely.
Monal Vora / Front End Developer: Groupon

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