Transformative Design Driven Learning

Why Swabhav Techlabs: Overview

Techlabs pioneered the short-term immersive "Enterprise development Series," a model that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers. Through effort, community support and training, we help beginners with little or no technical background reach a level of proficiency that allows them to get paid to continue learning on the job as junior web developers.

Our 12 week curriculum focuses on Enterprise - Java, .Net and Mean Stack development. A typical Enterprise - Java course would cover ava,OOAD,Design Patterns, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, as well as agile and test driven development. Throughout, we integrate work on team skills like communication, empathy and effective feedback.

We focus on creating a holistic educational experience for our students. Our mission to provide TRANSFORMATIVE DESIGN-DRIVEN LEARNING, driven by our unique culture, has spawned a set of values that drives everything we do.


Our motive is to Envision, Engineer and Enable the desired outcome with eminent skills yet minimal efforts


We care about people more than machines.

Mentoring and Curiosity

We empower students to learn more than they thought was possible.


We build beautiful and meaningful things.


We listen, iterate and improve each week.


We emphasise on the initiative to learn and the passion for coding in a student more than anything else.

Who We Teach

We believe anyone can learn to code as long as they fully immerse themselves and follow our agreements of initiative, cognitive awareness, design thinking and whole self. We do not base our admissions decisions on prior programming experience. We look for students who have.

  • A desire to create beautiful and meaningful projects in the world through code.
  • Ability to think creatively, analytically and with depth about problems.
  • Ability to learn/teach and communicate under pressure.
  • Alignment with our values, which includes a care for deeper self-awareness and a passion for working with others.

How We Teach

At Swabhav Techlabs we teach more than how to code. We show you how to learn faster than you ever thought possible and have fun while doing it!

We teach to the individual, not to the average of a group of students. If you're more advanced in one area but need extra help in another, we'll support your needs accordingly.

We emphasize practical skills and conceptual understanding over topic coverage and content knowledge. From that vantage point, we have developed a curriculum which is punctuated by expectations for what a student should be able to build. The specific tools and techniques flow from there.

This is how we approach our curriculum. The desired learning outcome should dictate the means, and not the other way around.