Mithril: Swabhav's Talent Management System

Mithril is an intelligent talent recruiting and training management system which is data-driven, structured and collaborative.

We gave our system the name "Mithril" (noun) mi'thril
from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth writings to reverbate the power, this fictional metal has in being incredibly light and impossibly strong.
The need for Talent in our industry has been a real change to overcome over the years. With a business model that sources, mentors and hires the right talent for its partner companies, Swabhav Techlabs has built an intelligent, data driven learning and recruitment platform to help talents create personalised learning environment and to provide recruiters with a talent acquisition suite to engage and select these talents.

For Talents

‚ÄčAt Swabhav, we present our Talent Management System (TMS) designed exclusively for talents like you. Our TMS empowers individuals to showcase their skills, connect with opportunities, and unlock their true potential.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Profile Creation

  • Talent Discovery

  • Customized Job Matching

  • Networking and Collaboration

  • Learning and Development

  • Performance and Analytics

  • Performance and Analytics
  • For Talent Acquisitions

    Swabhav is proud to introduce our advanced Talent Acquisition System (TSM) designed to revolutionize the way organizations discover, attract, and hire top talent. With our TSM, your talent acquisition process will become streamlined, efficient, and more successful than ever before. Key Features:

  • Smart Candidate Sourcing

  • Efficient Screening and Assessment

  • Collaborative Hiring Workflow

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • For Company HR

    In today's fierce competition, companies need to optimize their tech talents to drive growth and achieve success. Enter Mithril, a powerful solution that enhances the TAM SAM SOM framework. Leverage our dashboard to gain valuable insights into mapping the market size for the technologies you need.

  • Maximize Total Addressable Market (TAM): TSM expands the concept of TAM by providing comprehensive insights into the entire market potential. Gain a deeper understanding of the overall market size, in particular technologies. Optimize Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM):

  • Optimize Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM): Understand the specific segment of the market actively seeking your offerings and refine your target audience.

  • Expand Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM): Identify and engage with the subset of the market that aligns with your specific criteria, such as customer needs, geographic reach, or other qualifying factors.
  • For Colleges

    With TSM for Colleges, we bring you a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to enhance every aspect of college life, making it more efficient, engaging, and rewarding.

  • Internship and Job Placement: Connect students with industry partners, share internship opportunities, and track their progress. Enable employers to post job openings, review student profiles, and facilitate seamless recruitment.

  • Student Progress Tracking: Generate insightful reports to identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.

  • Alumni Engagement: - The journey doesn't end after graduation. Our TSM platform fosters a strong alumni network, facilitating connections, mentorship opportunities, and lifelong learning. Alumni can stay connected with the college, contribute back, and support the next generation of students.
  • Together, let's create an exceptional learning environment that nurtures student growth and success.

    For Mentors

    With our focus on the correct way of learning that can create 10x coders, TSM shows the training program right from its modules to topics and concepts taught in every topic.

  • Tools for assessing talents strengths, areas for improvement, progress reports and analytics to measure mentees growth & development, and learning needs

  • TSM empowers our technology experts to effectively guide and support talents, fostering meaningful relationships and facilitating talents personal and professional growth.
  • Understand How We Use Our Platform To Find The Right Talent

    TSM expands the concept of TAM by providing comprehensive insights into the entire market potential. Gain a deeper understanding of the overall market size, in particular technologies.

    Swabhav is a tech solutions company that addresses the talent gap by building a vibrant community of 5000+ like-minded individuals who share a passion for solving everyday engineering challenges using principles of clean code, design patterns, refactoring, algorithms and data structures.