How Assesshub hired top-notch full stack developers to function in its startup environment


Assesshub is startup building an online functional, technical, cognitive, and behavioral assessment platform for non-tech talent was grappling with hiring and upskilling an existing tech team. They reached out to Swabhav, seeking solutions for their technology goals in identifying and hiring the best talent.

Here is what they were looking for:

  • Building junior tech team of 3 PERN Developers from B.Tech | B.E (CS/IT) with strong problem solving, critical thinking and programming skills..
  • Finding an approach that was flexible, that provided a steady pipeline of candidates that accurately matched the profiles they were hiring for.


  • Their The Turn-around-time to onboard a tech candidate was 90 days
  • Leadership lacked the technical background to drive changes needed in the engineering team
  • Candidate rejection rate was almost 80% due a smooth hiring process

Swabhav's Solution

Hiring Top Tech Talent
40 Campuses
64 Hiring Drives
Vetting 1502 candidates
Building Tech Competency
Experiential Learning
Tailored 12 week curriculum in fullstack
Proctoring module as the capstone project

Campus Drives

Having built strong relations with the TPOs across Mumbai's 150+ engineering colleges for the last 8 years, Swabhav's TA team partnered with the top 40 colleges to find high-caliber talent amongst 1500 campus registrations.

Coding Challenges for Interviews

With the team's focus to solely find problem solvers and students passionate about coding, we revamped the entire interview process to just 2 rounds: MCQ + Coding Challenge on Swabhav's Platform: Mix of pseudo codes and coding problem statements around DSA and problem-solving. Culture Fit: Understanding candidate, their journey, and finding the best fit.

Data-Rich Insights

The Company also loved that Swabhav came with powerful candidate analytics, helping them narrow the field of candidates to only the best. With just a single glance, recruiters could quickly move qualified candidates from screening to interview rounds in record time.

Swabhav's PERN Training program

Developing talent with hands-on, project-based curriculum built for and taught by practitioners over the course of 12 weeks, Swabhav's program encouraged critical thinking and growth mindset along with the entire PERN stack.

Swabhav's Methodology

Sessions that enable learners to get personalized, in-depth attention from the instructors who teach Problem-solving, not learning to use tools - Learning to use tools is pointless and unstimulating unless you can see how they solve real problems.

Proofs of Concept/Sprint Participation

Activities designed to cement learners’ knowledge and apply it to Company's Product use cases, thus demonstrating the direct business impact of their newly acquired skills.

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About the Company
AssessHub is an online skill assessment platform that helps companies to hire, develop, and scale non-tech talent. Companies can measure competency, behavioural assessment, general aptitude, language proficiency, technical and functional skills using AssessHub platform.

The platform uses multiple tools like chatbots, video interviewing, job specific simulations and game based assessment automates the entire process. The platform uses machine learning to help companies learn from their own talent data to make better talent decisions.



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