Upskilling Talent in Golang, Python, C++, Networking and Cybersecurity


Forcepoint is into simplifying security for global businesses and governments across 150+ countries through their cloud-native platform. With the expansion plans of opening an Innovation center in India, the company reached out to Swabhav to explore synergies in mentoring their talents in their new offices in India - Mumbai and Pune.


The company faced 3 major challenges:

  • Finding a partner that closely understands the requirements and frames a highly tailored curriculum in collaboration.
  • Unidentified requirements in sprints that needed new team to be trained in fullstack go, python and c++ web development.
  • A bolt-on solution that could provide a synthesized view of networking & cybersecurity.

Swabhav's Solution

✓ Swabhav first ran assessments on the Company’s talent pool to understand their problem solving and programming skills.

✓ Swabhav cobuilt an experiential project based training with the department heads tailored to the company and their specific stack with hands-on challenges and real-world applications, along to empower developers to slice stories smaller, increase predictability, and accelerate delivery.

✓ The training spanned 16 weeks of training and project work.

✓ Swabhav provided weekly reporting to stakeholders, ensuring full accountability and visibility into the learning process. This included regular calls during the curriculum and product phase.

Engagement managers constantly implemented feedback to improve the program throughout delivery.

✓ In addition to the technical skills evaluation during the assessment process, the instructional team evaluated soft skills.

✓ During the product work phase, Swabhav provided feedback and coaching on human engineering, growth mindset, how we think and learn, effective teamwork and communication.

✓ While working alongside Swabhav instructors, the engineering teams were able to immediately start implementing these learnings into their work, giving the Company a quick return on investment for the training.

✓ The capstone projects were based on a prototypes of Swabhav's instructors had built after understanding the product modules of all the departments.

About the Company
Forcepoint is a data protection cybersecurity firm that helps businesses in securing users, data, and networks while enabling development.

Forcepoint’s all-in-one, truly cloud-native platform makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust and prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property no matter where people are working.

Based in Austin, Texas, Forcepoint creates safe, trusted environments for customers and their employees in more than 150 countries.



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