How Nexsales cut their time-to-hire by half and built an enviable tech team


Nexsales is a new age startup in the MarTech domain. They are a strategic technology partner for startups and enterprises with a core focus on creating a holistic leadgen solution through their platforms: LeadGen, VoiceReach and GoldMine.

The Engineering team is a group of highly talented individuals with a vision to play a major role as accelerator towards helping companies improve their sales and marketing efforts, drive growth, and increase revenue.


The company faced 3 major challenges:

  • Growing at a fast pace also means that the Nexsales team needed to scale and hire talent in fullstack MERN in a short period of time
  • The current team had skill gaps in React and DevOps.
  • Their Turn Around Time was 67 days due to high candidate rejection rates. Their overall Application to Selection Ratio was 60:2

Swabhav's Solution

Tech Consulting

System Design, Architecture & Tech Stack Consultation: After understanding their products and their scope, our Tech Architect realised the current architecture posed problems in terms of the long term scalability. He redesigned it, built system design and framed tech +product roadmaps collaboratively. We chose to migrate from Vue to React.JS & teach Containerisation for better performance, learning curve and model deployment perspective.

Talent Strategy

Skill gap analysis: Swabhav started off with talent analysis of the current team to understand their strengths and weaknesses in core tech competencies. It helped the business realise the team lacked working knowledge of React, Docker, Kubernetes and Microservices.

Demand Forecasting: After the analysis, one of our major initiatives was to estimate the team strength needed for all the deliveries to run smoothly. Swabhav along with the project lead mapped out a plan to phase out the need for 3 Sr MERN devs, 4 Jr MERN devs, 1 Sr UI UX Designer and a Tester over a span of 3 months.

Talent Sourcing

Market Identification: We then worked towards defining the TAM/ SAM/ SOM for the MERN, Testing and UI UX Talent Market in Mumbai to estimate the TAT needed to onboard the them.

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About the Company
Nexsales is a sales intelligence and data analytics company that offered B2B (business-to-business) lead generation, data enrichment, and sales prospecting solutions.

NexSales aimed to provide businesses with accurate and up-to-date information on potential customers, enabling them to streamline their sales and marketing efforts effectively. Their services often involved data mining, lead qualification, and database management to help clients target the right audience and increase sales efficiency.


3 Months

TAT in making the entire team of 9 new team members project ready


Delays Reduced in Project deliveries post team expansion


Revenue generated in 6 months by closing 3 new clients based on the new product release


Product Version Releases in GoldMine and LeadGen