Who We Are

Disrupting the Tech Industry with Talent

Swabhav Techlabs is a Tech Talent Solutions Partner made of talent and product creators, community builders and tech talent innovators.

Built on the values of trust, respect, curiosity and craftsmanship, Swabhav's emphasis is on building technology community thats central to fostering meaningful connections and inspiring innovation - where collaboration, learning, and growth thrive.

Talent Architects

Our talent visionaries provide strategic direction, inspire innovation, and drive the organization's growth, fostering a culture of excellence and driving us towards our mission.

Talent Creators

Our dedicated team of technology experts empowers talents to unleash their full potential, providing guidance, support, and expertise to nurture talent and foster personal growth.

Aju Palleri

Samruddhi Kotibhaskar

Swapnil Kulkarni

Yash Shah

Talent Management

Our skilled talent scouts employ strategic sourcing techniques, leveraging their industry knowledge and networks to identify top talent and connect them with the right opportunities.

Nimesh Mistry

Drushti Jain

Abhay Singh

Talent Buddies

Our team of talent orchestrators ensure seamless operations, captivating user experiences, and effective branding to maximize talent engagement and organizational success.

Jay Talsania

Rushabh Waghela

Mrunal Shinde

Pranav Tambe

Niyati Shah

Mitali Ghelani

Aniket Shinde

Amar Mobharkar

Yadnika Talele


Vilas Ayare

Who We like to Partner With

Our clients are industry disruptors, innovators, champions of social change and fearless experimenters. Hear from them as to how we are different and how we make a difference.
We draw inspiration from your purpose and vision of your business, and partner with you by instituting nimble, agile Talent creation and sourcing teams that champion first principles thinking to enable your journey of transformation and success.